Intern Wrap-Up, Featuring T.J. McGinnis

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My name is T.J. McGinnis; I'm a junior at Michigan State University studying advertising management. During this past spring semester, I had the privilege of working at InVerve Marketing as a Content Creator Intern. The internship was a really awesome opportunity for me to be a part of. I wanted to share a blog on my experience. So, in traditional InVerve marketing blog fashion, I present The Beginners Guide to InVerve Marketing’s Content Creator Internship.


HubSpot Academy

I had a brief understanding of inbound marketing before I started this internship, but not much. Well, it turns out HubSpot has what’s called the “HubSpot Academy.” This is an online video course that teaches you everything you need to know about inbound marketing. So, for the first few weeks I would come in, watch these videos and take notes. They covered everything from the inbound methodology, to search engine optimization (SEO), to landing pages...I learned it all. Looking back on the internship, doing this was an essential part. It really taught me the right and wrong things to do when it came to inbound marketing; I couldn’t have created the content I did without first gaining my Inbound Certification. Plus, it’s really just a good thing to go through for advertising/marketing in general. I’m now officially certified in inbound marketing which is awesome!


The Day to Day Task

Once completing the Inbound Certification, it was time to live up to my title as Content Creator. From here on out, my task was to write blogs. I was first given a list of inbound marketing topics to write about. Topics ranged from “Signs It’s Time to Hire a Marketing Agency” to blogs that specifically outlined a marketing automation software. From there I would do a lot of research on the topic. I would research to find the best keyword for my blog, using HubSpot’s keyword tool as well as Google's Keyword Planner, and research general information on the topic so I could form my blog. I then would compile everything I learned and write up my blog. Once I was comfortable with what I wrote, the blogs were sent to an external editor who would make changes as necessary. We would then review her changes, and I would publish it to our blog. The process took a little practice the first few weeks, but for the most part I was able to produce around three blogs each week.


Learning on the Job

The most difficult, but most beneficial part of this internship was the fact that I had to learn so much on the job. Like I mentioned in the previous section, I had to do a lot of research for each blog because I had almost no previous knowledge on most of the topics I wrote about. Google was by far my best friend with this internship. I’d read through as many articles as I needed to make sure I had a good understanding of the entire topic. My goal was to wrap my head around each topic to the point that I could write a blog in my own words and voice on that topic. Some subjects required more research than others but it got easier as I wrote more blogs. In general, the experience of really researching and learning on the job is a very valuable experience to have and as difficult as it was at times, it was more than worth it.


Amazing Work Environment

My favorite part of this internship would have to be the working environment. InVerve Marketing is a pretty small agency and this made for an incredibly comfortable and friendly atmosphere. All of the employees are out-going and nice to be around. Everyone was always available if I had any questions or needed help with anything. Every day, at lunch, everyone would eat together and complete the Lansing State Journal’s Isaac Asimov's Super Quiz. It was something small and only took at most ten minutes, but it was something that brought us all together. In past internships and part-time jobs, no other company really did a group activity like that, I thought it was really cool.


This internship experience has been amazing. InVerve is such a great company, and the people are even better. I learned so much and feel comfortable with inbound marketing after completing this internship. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone who’s interested in going into marketing or advertising.



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