InVerve Marketing is the Place to Be!

Posted by Lisa Smith on Aug 4, 2017 8:05:00 AM



My name is Mark Stewart, and I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work for InVerve Marketing & Web for the past 13 months as a Content Writer and Inbound Marketing Coordinator. Okay, not all 13 months.



When I first started at InVerve, I began as a Content Writing Intern while I was completing my Master’s Degree in Advertising at Michigan State University (MSU). But as the internship went on – and I realized how much I enjoyed not only working at InVerve, but the work itself – I knew I wanted to stay.


I was lucky enough to land a permanent position in September once my internship was finished while I continued my degree at MSU. The only reason I’m leaving now is that I’m moving to Charlotte, North Carolina with my fiancé. Otherwise, I would be an “InVerver” for life. Here’s why working at InVerve is the coolest.


Learn While You Earn

You’re never done learning. Especially in today’s fast-paced digital and inbound marketing world. If you work at InVerve, get your thinking cap on. Because you get to become certified in a variety of awesome HubSpot certifications. Plus, they’re all free for you to get certified in since InVerve has an awesome partnership with HubSpot.

When I first came to InVerve, I understood inbound marketing, but I was not skilled in practicing it; that quickly changed. In my first months, I became Inbound and HubSpot Marketing Software certified. It was so rewarding because I began to apply my knowledge to real-life work.


A Day in the Life…

For a lot of jobs, this could be a simple answer that rarely changes. At InVerve, it’s anything but. One day you may research for and write a blog, then create social media copy, then build a landing page – only to end the day designing a new email template. The next day could be completely different. The point is, there are so many levels and components to what InVerve does, that each day it’s always something different. It makes for an experience that you don’t get tired of.


Culture is Key

InVerve’s small, but eager and talented workforce makes work more enjoyable. You get to know everyone quickly, and it makes for an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. It’s awesome to be able to collaborate with each member of the team.

If you have any experience, you know it can be hard to find a marketing and web agency that has a strong relationship between sales, creative, and marketing. InVerve has that.


The President and CEO, Lisa Smith, values a strong work ethic, and a healthy work-life balance, and a fun work environment (we play quiz games at lunch). These values trickle down to all employees, which makes InVerve a special place to work. You won’t find any bad morale or hard-to-deal-with employees here.


Think you got the right skills to work at InVerve? Search our open positions to see if one’s right for you!