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Full-Size Buses

CATA Wish You Were Here Bus Exterior

"Dear Rider" exterior bus wrap

Planetarium Interior

Planetarium/space interior

River Trail Interior

River trail interior

CATA Zoo Interior

Zoo/safari interior

High Caliber Karting Interior

High Caliber Karting interior

Cutaway Buses

The design was adjusted for these smaller buses, which featured a unique set of interior wraps.

Cutaway bus exterior

Cutaway bus exterior

Capitol Building interior

Lansing Capitol Building Interior

Fairgrounds Interior

Ingham County Fairgrounds interior

Contest Materials

In addition to rides being free on the wrapped buses, there was also a contest where riders could submit completed puzzles (found on postcards) for a chance to win prizes. 

Wish You Were Here postcards

Postcards, each featuring a different puzzle on the back

Wish You Were Here sandwich board

Sandwich board sign explaining contest

Wish You Were Here Decal

Decal on bus interior explaining the contest

Social posts explaining contest and announcing winners

Social posts explaining contest and announcing winners