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About the Project

Project Goal

The campaign needed to clearly communicate the promotional offer and acquire 500 new customers at a cost of less than $250 per acquisition.

Buyer's Journey

These leads were in the consideration or decision-making stage of their buyer’s journey with choosing a bank to open a new checking account.

Tone & Personality

The tone and personality needed to be professional, approachable and informative. 

Geographic Target

Independent Bank is located in the state of Michigan and needed to target a 10+ mile radius from each bank location within the state.

Target Audience

Adults ages 18-55

Going through one of these life events:

  • Moving to the area
  • Getting Married / Just Got Married
  • Graduating high school
  • Starting college

Has the online behavior:

  • Visiting sign-up pages on the website
  • Visiting competitor websites
  • Moving sites (u-haul,



Independent Bank Checking Account Acquisition campaign "High School & College Audience" Google Ad

Campaign Deliverables:

  • Strategy with compelling call-to-actions
  • Google search and display ads for 4 different audiences
  • Facebook ads for 4 different audiences
  • Landing pages

Independent Bank "High School & College Audience" Landing pages

Campaign Results

The results achieved were 567 new checking accounts at a cost per acquisition of $154.18.

Overall, the campaign was a success, with "Adventurers" and "Broad Audience" performing the best at an average click thru rate of 0.62% (compared to the industry average of 0.52%).



Independent Bank "Adventurers" Google Ad 


Independent Bank "Just Married" Google Ad 


Independent Bank "Broad Audience" Google Ad