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The Approach

The video introduces Vicinity Motor Corporation in the U.S., primarily shot in Orlando. It features stationary expo vehicles, engaging interviews, dynamic moving shots, and a preview of the visually appealing Washington Facility.

Starting with a brief intro to VMC, the video emphasizes its commitment to sustainability through research and development. It seamlessly showcases three vehicle models, incorporating stills for future use. The content includes evergreen segments, flexibility for updates, and four interviews with senior management, providing insights into VMC's vision.

The video concludes with a donut segment for announcements and updates. This concise narrative effectively introduces VMC, communicates sustainability goals, showcases innovative designs, captures senior management insights, and maintains adaptability for ongoing enhancements.

VMC Shuttle with Mobile camera car


Camera Crew alongside camera car


Crew filming Vicinity bus 

Visual Tone

The VMC introduction video, shot in Orlando, exudes dynamic energy. Expo scenes showcase the truck, bus, and shuttle in motion, offering an immersive experience. Insights from senior management seamlessly blend in, emphasizing VMC's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence. The visually appealing Washington Facility complements VMC's brand. Evergreen segments ensure ongoing relevance. In essence, the video effectively communicates VMC's identity and desired message.

Front-Shoot of VMC Shuttle 


Will Trainer, Chief Executive interview segment in the VMC video