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Powerful Tools

Customer Service Software

CATA leveraged our expertise for a customer service portal for website visitors with a chatbot that takes users to a knowledge base.

CATA Hubspot Customer Service Page

CATA HubSpot Customer Service Page 

Informational Videos

How to Ride

Videos written by actor Jeff Daniels are used in the customer service knowledge base on the CATA website and on social media. 

CATA Informational Video About Bus Passes

Alert & News

COVID Emergency Messaging

Quick turnaround messaging needed to be implemented across internal and external tactics to promote government guidelines for riders.

CATA Safety Precautions Social Media Post

CATA Safety Precautions Social Media Post

Automated Responses

Real-Time Chatbots 

We set up live chatbots to answer common questions and direct riders to the information they need quickly.

CATA Live Chatbots

CATA Live Chatbots