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Posted by Jennifer Sleeper on Jun 15, 2021 2:00:00 PM



Whether you need a simple website refresh or a complete redesign, these tips can boost your ROI


You already know a strong website and digital strategy is essential to growing your business, but how well is your website actually performing? How does it rank against your competitors? What improvements should be made to help you market and grow better?


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Thriving online: 5 key tips from a digital marketing strategist

Posted by Jennifer Sleeper on May 19, 2021 2:11:00 PM



Just 25 years ago, you could grow a business with positive word-of-mouth, great customer service, and referrals from loyal customers. The jury was still out on the internet, your customers didn’t shop online (remember when Jeff Bezos was mocked for trying to sell books online?), and social media didn’t even exist yet.


It’s a different world now; like it or not, digital has taken over. Cultivating a solid online presence and engaging strongly with current and prospective customers is key to building and maintaining a successful business in the digital world.

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The Effects of Color on Consumer Behavior

Posted by Jennifer Sleeper on May 11, 2021 7:32:32 PM

 Psychology Of Color.png

Ah, the subconscious mind - it's a mysterious and amazing tool! It stores, sorts, and retrieves data, and it processes the information we absorb through our senses. In fact, according to Psychology Today, many of the elements needed for our brains to make judgments and decision-making are processed outside of awareness.

The machinery at work in the subconscious mind also plays a big role in influencing our habits and moods – often for reasons we don’t fully understand – and that can be observed in something as simple as how we perceive and react to colors.


Why do certain colors make us feel calm or happy while others invoke anger or anxiety? Why might warm colors stimulate a more energetic response, while cooler colors can lead to feelings of relaxation?

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