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Graphic Design for your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Posted by Lisa Smith on Nov 7, 2016 11:47:27 AM



Have you ever come up with an ingenious food combination that most people wouldn’t think could possibly be good? Like the classic potato chips-in-sandwich union? Or the broccoli and Cheetos bowl? Don’t forget the Sriracha and peanut butter burger (we’re very serious).


Just like these unique combinations, graphic design and marketing are two very distinct disciplines — which together can create something magical (like a grilled ham and Doritos sandwich).


Graphic design plays a critical role in how your brand is perceived, and on the impact of your inbound (or outbound) marketing strategy.  Well-planned graphics enhance your brand recognition, up your professional appearance, communicate your message more effectively, and even affect your own employee’s productivity and efficiency.


How can these elements affect your inbound marketing approach?


Graphic Design in Social Media Ads

  • Typography is most effective when it’s attention-grabbing and concise
  • Imagery in a social post grabs the viewer first, then text follows
  • Relevant and enticing imagery and graphics are critical for success


Graphic Design in Blogs

  • Blogs are most appealing when there are images involved, allowing readers to better digest the information given
  • For headings, a large font consistent with your branding works best
  • For body copy, a distinct and clear font is critical for a reader’s experience
  • Topic and subtopic headings are best when they stand out in multiple ways, such consistent color and font size


Graphic Design in a Call-to-Action (CTA)

  • CTAs should be designed with your company’s colors, and should use wording that represents your brand’s personality
  • Testing different combinations of color, language, and image is essential in determining the most effective CTAs


Graphic Design for Landing Pages

  • Make type messages clear, short, and visually appealing
  • A clear title stating what the viewer is seeing, plus a short summary of your offer’s value enhances the performance
  • Attractive and simple forms can improve submission rates by allowing a prospect to enter their contact information quickly


Using these design guidelines can help create compelling and attractive content, ads, and social posts that enhance your brand’s identity and personality. By combining good graphic design with inbound marketing, your company can create something so magical it could soon be dubbed the “Sriracha and peanut butter burger” of inbound marketing.


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