Developing a Corporate Branding Identity

Posted by Lisa Smith on Oct 14, 2015 8:33:13 PM



Great corporate branding for businesses takes a mix of creative brand strategy and superlative graphic design. The combination of meticulously crafted visual imagery, carefully selected colors and typestyles, and just the right words can communicate with others in ways that can't always be articulated. The branding—an emotionally connective experience—helps us return as customers again and again. The ideal brand identity speaks to the head and to the heart, connects with customers, ignites imaginations, and builds loyalty. 


But how do we come up with that great brand identity? Do you hire a creative services company to create a logo design and take care of everything?

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How Logos Influence Website Design

Posted by Lisa Smith on Oct 14, 2015 7:58:34 PM



Whether it's on the west coast, east coast, or right here in Lansing, Michigan…a website is accessible to visitors across the globe. The design of a website should greet visitors in a warm and welcoming matter, functioning to serve their needs and provide them with the information they came to find.


Although the content differs across any and all websites depending on the organization, there is one element that is (usually) featured on every page: a company logo. (If the logo isn’t on the website, we have a bigger problem).

A logo is a single piece of a company’s branding strategy. It acts almost like a small, 24/7 advertisement reminding people, “hey, this was made by us” or, “this is offered by us.” Ask yourself: what does the logo say about the company? Even more so, how is it influencing the website design?

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