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You’re never done learning at InVerve

Posted by Lisa Smith on Apr 27, 2018 9:15:00 AM



My name is Kyndal Hayes, and I was awarded the amazing opportunity to work as an intern at InVerve Marketing & Web. I started my internship as I began my last semester as a graduating senior at Michigan State University, with a degree in Marketing.


When I first came to InVerve, I had no clue what inbound marketing was and knew very little about digital marketing. After getting certified through HubSpot, I began getting used to the InVerve life. It wasn’t easy growing accustomed to the fast pace and strict deadlines, but it pushed me to be more proactive and taught me how to prioritize all my assigned work. I felt like I was able to tackle any and all tasks thrown at me — and I did!


I often want to figure things out on my own because I know there won’t always be someone there to answer my questions. But while I was determined to figure things out, I wasn’t afraid to ask questions because I wanted to know more. Everyone at InVerve knew that and didn’t hesitate to provide me with the answers I was looking for. I was surrounded by amazing people who have successfully achieved so much and possessed a lot of knowledge. So, picking their brains daily for more knowledge and tips wasn’t scary because they wanted to share.



At the beginning of the internship, my primary objective was to learn as much as I could. I wanted to obtain skills that would transfer into my future career path. My initial goals were to skillfully navigate through HubSpot, be able to write a great blog post accurately, and create effective posts on multiple social media platforms. These are digital marketing fundamentals.


I learned everything I expected to learn, and more. I gained so much insight from those around me every day, and as a result, I learned more about things that aren’t easily explained. Even if I just wanted to know more about inbound marketing or had a question completely unrelated to my work, the InVerve team was ready with all the answers. 



Every day was a new day. I spent some days brainstorming ideas for blogs, some days digging for header images and other days doing a little bit of everything. But what I looked forward to the most was simply coming in and being a part of the welcoming atmosphere.


While at InVerve I have written several blogs, designed numerous header images, optimized clients’ blogs, and a long list of other cool things.


The most important thing I learned at InVerve was to trust my gut instincts. I became confident in who I am, in my capabilities and the quality of my work. Personal development is key in any line of work. I believe you should be doing more than just completing projects on time; You should be learning something new daily. And that’s what I did while at InVerve. I learned so much about managing client relationships, about having an active social media presence, and I gained a better understanding of just how vast the world of digital media is.



InVerve was my dream internship. My coworkers laid the foundation for my future marketing career and gave me many tools to use in the future.


Most impressive to me was how much everyone loves what they do, how much they care about their projects, and that everyone enjoys being there. Their passion is unmatched! That’s important for any business and something that stood out while I was at InVerve. They are sociable, welcoming and simply genuine.


By the end of this internship, I gained confidence in myself and the work I can provide others with the skills that I have gained while working at InVerve. Before my internship, I believed I possessed some traits a good marketer should have but felt I lacked a crucial element — being creative. The many different assignments and projects pushed me to think outside the box and out of my comfort zone. But after working at InVerve, I noticed that I do possess some creativity; it was untapped!


Even though an internship is designed to be an exchange of services, InVerve has given me so much more than I could ever give them. Thanks for everything, InVerve!

Topics: marketing terms, marketing strategy, employee morale, HubSpot