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Connecting with Digital Marketers: What You Can Expect from a HubSpot User Group

Posted by Lisa Smith on Feb 21, 2019 4:02:21 PM


A HubSpot User Group (HUG) is a local community of business friends and acquaintances who share a desire to organize and escalate their marketing efforts using HubSpot. If you’re a HubSpot user, joining a HUG will expose you to new HubSpot resources and how to put them to work for you. For newbies, spending time with more experienced HubSpot users is an invaluable tool for getting tips, lessons learned and more from those already in the trenches. If you aren’t sure whether a HUG might be worthwhile, consider these reasons to join in!

1) Highly qualified leaders — HUGs are organized by experienced HubSpot Agency Partners who have met the following requirements:


  • Be employed at a Gold, Platinum or Diamond partner agency
  • Be a HubSpot Certified Trainer
  • Have a valid Inbound Certification
  • Have a valid HubSpot Marketing Software Certification

2) Outstanding speakers — HUGs are great opportunities to listen to great speakers from HubSpot, the Agency Partner and the community at large. Topics run the gamut from tips for using software, to the latest digital marketing statistics to a recap of the annual Inbound convention and much more. Talks are brief, to the point and offer the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers that will help you improve your HubSpot marketing expertise.


3) Networking is essential — You can’t network too much when you’re in business so why not combine networking with learning? As HubSpot grows in usage, more and more people in your community are embracing it as their marketing platform of choice. So, more and more people are finding HUGs to be a valuable resource as well. When you attend a HUG, you maximize your time away from work and leave with new ideas, new resources and new friends.


4) HUG events are FREE! — Every HUG event is like a workshop and meet-and-greet rolled into one and it doesn’t cost you a dime (and no one is going to ask you to join anything either). You can also bring your entire marketing staff and give them the opportunity to relax and just enjoy the camaraderie that exemplifies HUG events where marketers converse with others in their positions, share ideas, good news, and tips and tricks. HUG events are totally noncompetitive and open to all HubSpot users, those considering HubSpot for their business or who want to know more, and students in digital marketing programs. All you have do is show up!


5) Free stuff too! — Every Lansing HUG offers not only lots of information and knowledgeable people, but also the chance to win some fun swag! Pens, sunglasses, backpacks … you never know what you might take home. In addition, often the presentations are either recorded or available as a slide deck you can download and share with your staff who couldn’t make it. These insightful and useful talks can help you solve problems and learn who the experts are in your area.


To find your nearest local HUG event HubSpot has the list and you can also sign up for email notifications when a HUG in your area is planned.  There are more than 130 HUGs in over 30 countries worldwide so you can bet there’s one near you!


Find out more about the Lansing HubSpot User Group

Topics: inbound marketing, HubSpot, HUG