Determining The Variables In Your Website Redesign Cost

Posted by Lisa Smith on May 11, 2016 4:34:00 PM



The best things in life are free! Unfortunately, unless you can lay claim to coding and design skills, that statement is not true for websites, even - and especially - the best of them. If you are looking to update your digital presence, chances are you need to make sure that the project fits within your budget. Your website redesign cost, in other words, is a crucial consideration.


So how much does it cost to redesign your website? The answer is as vague as could be: it depends. Your necessary budget hinges on a variety of factor, so the project could cost anywhere between $1,000 and $25,000. How much will it cost for you? Here's what you need to know in order to answer that question.


Determine Your Goals

Above all, you need to understand just what your website will seek to accomplish. A simple prestige piece, for example, that will merely function as a digital billboard for your business, will not require much time or effort. Of course, it is also static, and will not accomplish many of the sophisticated marketing goals even small businesses now develop.


If you subscribe to the inbound marketing philosophy, you likely need your website to be a lead-generating tool. In that case, you need a more robust framework with backend content and landing pages that can collect visitor information. If you expect to engage in e-commerce, your website will need an even more robust website that can handle mobile payments and shopping carts. The more complex the goal of your website, the more the redesign will cost.


Understand Your Variables

Every business has unique needs, and that is no different in website design. Chances are you are not looking for your website to look and feel identical to that of your competitors. Several variables will determine both the structure and look of your website, and the cost of its redesign.


Are you satisfied with standard stock photography, or are you looking for more sophisticated graphic elements like infographics? Do you want your website to be built on a template approach, or customized from scratch to remain unique? Answering these questions helps determine the work (and resulting money) needed to get your new digital presence off the ground.


Estimate Your Size

Naturally, the sheer size of your website will also impact the amount of effort and budget needed. As you can imagine, a 1,000 page website with an intricate navigation will be more intensive to build than its 10 page counterpart.


The size of your website depends both on the amount of information you want and need on it, and the scope of your current or previous website. Knowing at least an estimate when approaching a developer can give you a better overview over how much it will cost to develop.


Be Mindful of Maintenance

How much maintenance will your website require? This is a part of web design that is not often considered in budget discussions. If you don't think about your website as a continuing process, you risk paying little upfront for a redesign process that will continue to cost you maintenance fees for years to come.


Ideally, your finished website should be easy to maintain from the user's side. That includes a robust CMS, along with plenty of maintenance options should something go seriously wrong. You may pay a little more to develop a website capable of this self-management, but your long-term costs will ultimately decrease.


A Long-Term Investment

Depending on how your project fits into these metrics, a web redesign could put a significant strain on your budget. But don't allow that to act as a deterrent; instead of looking at the redesign as a cost, consider it a long-term investment.


A better website ultimately helps you attract more visitors, convert more leads, and benefit from more customers. An outdated website, on the other hand, will negatively impact your brand image and may drive away potential customers. In other words, the benefits of a new website far outweigh the downfalls of the alternative. Even a large initial investment can and will pay off in the long run.


Are you looking for more specific details on what a redesign may cost for your business? If so, our recommendation is to get in touch with a developer who can discuss your unique situation and recommend a project scope and timeline. And wouldn't you know it - contacting that developer is as easy as contacting us! We look forward to hearing from you.


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