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Intern Wrap-Up: Alex Dartt

Posted by Lisa Smith on Aug 1, 2018 9:19:00 AM



My name is Alex Dartt, and I’m a rising senior at Grand Valley State University studying international business and marketing. During this past summer, I was so excited to have the opportunity to work and learn at InVerve Marketing & Web as a marketing intern.


My Summer at InVerve Marketing

As a senior in marketing, I’ve always been interested in “agency life,” to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing, branding and advertising. It wasn’t until my summer internship at InVerve Marketing that I really got a taste of how awesome and fast-paced a career in marketing would be.

From day one I was brainstorming for blogs, creating social media copy, and getting certified in inbound marketing through HubSpot! I was given so much freedom to create, and it was such a meaningful learning experience to be able to create and recreate things according to feedback given to me from the experts in the field I want to go into. I had the opportunity to re-brand the InVerve Instagram account (Wednesday Wisdom and Marketing Monday are all me!), as well as write and outline blogs, create social media copy for clients, and I even learned an editing software to create videos for client campaigns.

I was also involved with on-boarding of a huge new wedding services client, which was really exciting! I transferred all their blogs over to HubSpot from WordPress, and I got to create pillar pages for their updated website.

I loved that each day at InVerve was different. I value variety so much, and it was awesome to experience a job that embodied that. I am definitely searching for a career that varies day to day, and I loved putting that into practice for a summer.


Inbound, inbound, inbound!

I learned a ton and gained a huge appreciation for the strategy of inbound marketing throughout my summer with InVerve. Every day I was surrounded by people who had such a vast knowledge of inbound and digital marketing, and it was such a great experience to learn from them. It piqued my interest in digital marketing and HubSpot, and I am now searching for careers and companies that utilize HubSpot and an inbound strategy!



One of the most valuable parts of my internship was the unlimited access to HubSpot’s knowledge center, and the chance to bounce ideas off coworkers with extensive knowledge. I think I’m most excited to take away my new HubSpot knowledge and really be an asset for any company that uses HubSpot.

My internship at InVerve Marketing provided me with so much knowledge and many useful resources to supplement what I’ve learned at Grand Valley State University, and I can’t wait to put it all into practice as I start my career in 2019. My intern experience at InVerve has been so educational and has really fueled my passion for marketing.


Topics: inbound marketing, employee morale, HubSpot