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Our Five Favorite HubSpot Features Right Now

Posted by Lisa Smith on Jan 5, 2018 5:31:43 PM



HubSpot is life for us at InVerve. As a Gold-Certified HubSpot Partner, we are fluent in contact properties and can spend hours knee-deep in a complex workflow. As our marketing automation software of choice, HubSpot gives us a rich set of tools that we use in collaboration with our clients to improve web presence, attract and nurture leads, and close customers. It’s sort of hard to pick our favorite HubSpot features when we rely on so many every day, but we gave it a shot. Here’s our list of our five favorite features this second.


Campaigns Tool

We love the holistic view of every piece of a campaign in this tool. Campaigns enables us to set high-level goals across platforms and mediums, rather than just assessing each email blast or individual social posts in a vacuum. Campaigns breaks down the silos, and makes reporting to clients on engagement and results super easy. If you’re not assigning your content to campaigns and tracking performance with this bird’s eye view, you’re missing out on some HubSpot magic.


Strategy Tool

The shift in 2017 from the old ways of SEO to the topic cluster model was a big upset in the content marketing world. As we’re adapting to the changing algorithms of search and trying to stay on top of the SERP, we’re realizing that search engines reward sites with rich and cohesive topic authority—not necessarily just the exact keyword match. Overhauling an entire content infrastructure to create the semantic relationships that build a topic cluster is a daunting task…enter the Strategy Tool. This visually-pleasing cluster tool helps you strategize how to best break your content into topics, write pillar content, identify where your existing content fits in, and find gaps and generate ideas for building out the clusters.



Scheduling tools are so hot right now. We all know the horror of the back-and-forth email thread where Thursday doesn’t work but Friday between 2:00 and 4:00 is okay for you but not for me, and we’re all super over it. HubSpot Meetings is our go-to for allowing prospects, clients and each other to schedule meetings on our calendar because it syncs up with our email client, and new contacts are immediately added into our CRM when they book a meeting.



Messages is a live chat sales tool that you can easily customize and instantly turn on. We love how it allows us to dip our toe in to live chat without making any crazy time commitment. We can turn it on when we’re available to chat and turn it off when we’re not in or we’re too busy (because, let’s be honest, we’re very busy).


What’s Next

Okay, you caught me. Our fifth fav feature is … not yet a feature! The only way HubSpot or any other marketing automation software can stay relevant is with constant updates, new features and tools, and tweaks to improve functionality and user experience. Their Ideas Forum is a way for us to submit new ideas, upvote and collaborate on ideas submitted by other users, and watch to see which crowd-sourced improvements HubSpot implements.


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