Upgrading Your Website: Professional Process Delivers Winning Results

Posted by Lisa Smith on May 9, 2016 9:03:00 AM



Award-winning websites are nice, but sites that delivers results are even better.


Upgrading your website almost inevitably means that your site will look better, load faster, and provide more visitor tracking information. But the fact is that even a beautiful site can fail to bring in leads and revenue if it isn't properly designed and managed. 


Ideally, when you're upgrading a website, you want to find professional designers and marketing strategists who work together. This ensures that your site's design works for your customers and prospects…in concert with all of your inbound marketing efforts. Additionally, it should work with the back-end analytics visitors to your site don't see.


While user navigation and website optimization are critical to a visitor's first impression and experience with your company, it's the measured and managed analytics (lead tracking) that actually convert visitors into customers. 


Your Website Never Sleeps

Think about your salespeople. When they're well-rested, they treat your customers well, are better able to uncover opportunities, and get the orders - and reorders - right. A well-designed website is like a salesperson who never sleeps.


Five or 10 years ago, a well-designed website had to load fast and have some "eye candy." It also had to have a clean site map and a hearty serving of keywords peppered throughout its pages. 


That's not enough in 2016. (And in fact it wasn't enough last year, or two years ago.) Today's well-designed websites are lead-generating machines. In addition to lead generation and tracking, the well-designed site of 2016 is like a sentinel for the rest of your marketing efforts, helping you discover new opportunities where they exist; they help you determine which campaigns are working, and they give you the intelligence you need to successfully tweak the ones that aren't working as well as they should.


In short, your website is a salesperson who never sleeps - and yet remains at the top of its game.  


Unfortunately, every website isn't the bright-eyed, always-on salesperson. Because not every web design firm goes beyond the fast-loading eye candy and basic SEO format. The kicker? It's not because it's more expensive or requires a

significant investment to upgrade hardware.


The difference is that every web design firm doesn't offer solid design and the comprehensive marketing expertise that you (and your site) need to win more new business. Knowing which firms have the expertise you need isn't always easy. While you can look at a site and see its visual appeal (and navigation, and loading speed), it takes a bit of looking "under the hood" to see the difference a conversion optimized design can make for your business.


Does An Updated Design = An Upgraded Site? 

Your website should be visually appealing, offer regularly-updated content that will both get the attention of search engines and hold your prospects' attention, and of course, it should be accurate and easy to navigate.


But just because your website meets that criteria, it may still not be doing a good job for your company. Your upgraded website should function as a round-the-clock salesperson for your organization.


InVerve helps you understand the critical role website design plays in inbound marketing and your overall business development strategy.


And when we're upgrading your website, we use that benchmark as our starting point


A properly designed website makes all of your content work better for you (and for your prospects and customers). All of your marketing content is fully utilized to move your prospects through the sales funnel more efficiently. And once in the sales process, every aspect of the site - from basic navigation to web forms that collect information - are designed to not only shorten your sales cycle and increase conversion, but to also track visitors' behavior, and to make sense of it, so you can adjust your marketing efforts (and your budget) to improve your results. 


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