Choosing the right Marketing Firm for Your Business

Posted by Lisa Smith on Dec 7, 2015 10:32:52 AM



When looking for a marketing firm to partner with your business, it's essential knowing whether a company will be easy to work with and will provide the expertise you need is essential. Follow these 10 points to help you gain essential information that will help you evaluate a firm and determine if they are the right fit for your business.


  1. Do they know the landscape?

In order for your marketing company to represent you well, they must know your business inside and out, which includes the business environment in which you operate. Lansing marketing firms have with their working knowledge of the local business terrain, enabling them to start work on your campaign without spending a lot of time on background research.


  1. How much experience do they have?

A company with a great deal of marketing experience and expertise is a valuable asset. Companies that have been in business for many years will be familiar with how to evolve to address changing trends in the industry. Experienced companies know the marketing tools that generate success. That means your campaign will go through less trial and error once it's launched.


  1. What does their digital presence look like?

A marketing company's first client is itself. When choosing between Lansing marketing firms, check to see if they have an active online presence and what kinds of materials they produce. This will give you a strong idea of whether the company's work aligns with the type of project you have envisioned for your business.


  1. Can they provide case studies?

In addition to reviewing a marketing company's online presence you should ask for samples of work they have done for others, particularly for businesses similar to yours. Marketing companies that have worked for others in your industry will already be familiar with many of the technical terms and buyer personas you will need to reflect in your marketing materials.


  1. Do they have the resources you need?

If you have a particular marketing project in mind such as an email campaign, mailers, building a website, or increasing your reach on social media, you need to ensure the Lansing marketing firms you’re considering have the necessary tools to get the job done. Ask about the staff they employ and their areas of expertise to ensure their familiarity with the type of work you need done.


  1. How do they bill?

As with any business project, you should not start work until you have a clear understanding of the costs, when you will be billed, and when the product you paid for will be delivered. Establishing a payment plan with your marketing company early on ensures that everyone can move forward with a clear set of expectations.


  1. Who does the work?

A great benefit of working with a Lansing marketing firm is the ability to go into the office and meet the individuals responsible for your project. Taking the time to get to know them will help you establish a high level of trust.


  1. How do they communicate?

A professional marketing company will not leave you without information on your project. When getting to know your marketing team, ask who you can talk to for updates and what method of communication you should use to get a prompt response.


  1. What do you do if you have a problem?

Establishing a clear line of communication should include determining whom you direct your concerns. Know who will be responsible for addressing any issues that might arise and how things will be handled to ensure you will be happy with the final product.


  1. Do you like them?

Working with a local company means you will be relying on the same group for all of your long-term marketing needs so you need to get along. Their experience and reassurances should feel genuine and put you at ease. Finding a marketing team that you feel compatible with will make it easier for you to communicate and build the strong relationship that will be an asset moving forward.


Your business and your marketing company must develop a solid working relationship. Taking the time to research a company thoroughly before moving forward with a project will help ensure stability and guarantee you will receive a final product that you love.



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