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Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages: 10 Ways

Posted by Lisa Smith on Aug 25, 2017 1:45:00 PM



If you're looking to drive more traffic to your landing pages, congratulations! You are on your way to becoming a savvy inbound marketer who knows that landing pages are an opportunity for you to leverage content in exchange for contact information. You understand that sparkling, unique content is the key to enticing future brand ambassadors. So, let's call this an intermediate lesson. Below are 10 tactics to get more clicks to your landing pages so that you can start to bridge the gap between attracting and converting.

Calls to Action


1. Homepage

When you invite someone into your apartment, you offer them a glass of water. When someone drops by your website, put your best foot forward with a shiny offer. 


2. Blog

If someone is reading your blog content, thank them by showing them what else you got. You can place a call-to-action at the bottom of a related blog post and keep a call-to-action parked on your sidebar for the wandering eye. 


3. Most Visited Pages

Pick your most popular pages and add CTAs. If you use hubspot, there's an easy tool for locating the pages on your site that are getting the most traffic. Another way to slice it is to park CTAs on related pages, so that people will find the content they are interested in. For example, pairing your CTAs with related content could mean that someone reading your blog about cheeses will find your Guide to the Great American Goat Cheddar. 





4. email marketing

If you are forgetting about email marketing, you are missing out! Watch HubSpot's Tom Monaghan's phenomenal presentation on email marketing from the InBound 2016 conference, then add a link to your landing page in your next (100) targeted emails.


5. lead nurturing

Lead generation without lead nurturing is like a bunch of first dates with no phone calls. Reach back out to leads at each step of the buyer's journey — from strangers to evangelists — in order to attract, convert, close and delight.



social proof


6. facebook 

Take advantage of your social media savvy. Instead of linking to your website over and over, place landing page links in your posts so that your fans will jump right in to the next phase of the buyer's journey.


7. social media sharing

Let the exponential power of social proof bring people to you. Add social sharing links to your thank you pages so that people can share the goods with their friends. If you're promoting, say, wine content, your new lead Savannah can brag to her friends that she just scored the Amateur Sommelier Cheat Sheet and those friends just might want to join in the fun. 





9. thank you page

Did you say thank you page? Yes, nurture your lead with a customized, engaging thank you page to show that you value their interest--and so that you can point them in the direction of other goodies (landing pages for content offers, blog posts they might be interested in, etc.). Keep the conversation going!


10. Guest BLOGing

Work those networking skills to get a guest blogger spot on another site: this will expand your audience and give you a whole new set of eyeballs to entice to your landing page with your well-crafted CTA.




Landing pages are a crucial facet of inbound marketing, allowing you to gather the information that you'll need in order to match your services with potential clients. If you use these strategies, you'll help more people discover content that will educate, delight, and empower them. If you're just getting started, make sure that you're utilizing at least one tactic from each category. If you're going for pro, use this as a checklist to cover all of your bases. To learn more, download our comprehensive guide Getting Ready for Inbound Marketing below. 


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