Effective Marketing Strategies Inspired By Groundhog Day

Posted by Lisa Smith on Feb 2, 2016 9:11:22 AM



You may be wondering how a groundhog could create effective marketing strategies. Not to worry, we’re not looking to Punxsutawney Phil for inspiration — we’re looking to Bill Murray!


Murray’s character, Phil Connors, in the cult classic Groundhog Day has become almost as iconic as that darned shadow that keeps telling us there will be six more weeks of winter. His increasingly dramatic attempts to break out of the time loop that traps him in Punxsutawney on Groundhog Day are the source for more than a few memes and cultural references.


Phil Connors’ struggle sticks in our minds because it can hit a little close to home. Sometimes it feels like you’re creating the same marketing content day after day, but rather than letting it drive you crazy, use these Groundhog Day-inspired tricks to get your marketing strategy out of its rut.


Try Multiple Approaches: Much of Phil’s journey revolves around his romantic pursuit of his co-worker, Rita. He tries a variety of approaches to catch her interest along the way. And, wouldn’t you know it, (SPOILER ALERT) his success is what finally breaks the time loop!


  • To achieve business growth, you need the same mentality. Try whatever it takes to create that genuine connection with your audience and draw them in. Video, graphics, slideshows — the sky’s the limit! Once you find a winning combination, adjust your marketing strategy so you can dedicate more resources to those pursuits.



Expand Your Reach: At first, all Phil is only interested in impressing Rita, but eventually he starts developing an interest in getting to know the citizens of Punxsutawney. As he continues to reach out to these folks, Phil starts to develop relationships that we’d like to believe carry on even after the film ends.


  • Customers are more loyal to businesses that obviously care about providing high quality products and services. Something as simple as replying to questions on social media only takes minutes, but can vastly improve the tone of your brand, simultaneously boosting your social reach.



Get to Know Your Audience: The more time Phil spends interacting with the people of Punxsutawney, the more he learns about their tendencies. As he gains an understanding of their needs, he starts to develop unique ways to help them. Ultimately, that compassion is what sets him free.


  • You can see where we’re going with this; the more you know about the people you’re trying to reach — those all-important buyer personas — the easier it will be for you to create a marketing strategy that resonates. Remember, the key to inbound marketing success is creating content that draws in your ideal customers.



Have the Right Attitude: Phil spends a good portion of the movie acting, shall we say, self-destructive. He eventually decides that he’s going to use the time loop to his advantage, opting to learn a variety of new skills and developing relationships with the people around him. That’s when he starts to see the kind of fulfillment he needs.


  • If you find your marketing strategy results aren’t satisfying, try giving your content a positive spin. People respond better to messages that are helpful or fun, which can help boost your engagement rates. Think about your own browsing patterns. Are you more likely to click on links that promise to help you with your problems, or those that are eager to point out all the reasons your ideas won’t work?



Make the Best of What You Have: At first, Phil uses the broken space-time continuum as an excuse to get away with some pretty underhanded behavior. When this gets old, he decides to make do with the situation he’s been handed and starts pursuing more positive ways to fill his infinite amount of free time.


  • That’s the best marketing lesson we can take away from Groundhog Day. It’s easy to get frustrated with having limited resources or budget to set up a quality marketing strategy. Instead, why not focus on what your customers are looking for? Developing a better understanding of their needs will provide you with new ideas for marketing content. A medium-sized rodent may be able to prophesy the end of winter, but it can’t predict your engagement with buyers. Keep at it to break out of your rut.



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