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How to Create a Viral Marketing Campaign

Posted by Lisa Smith on Apr 27, 2016 8:56:00 AM



Viral marketing, it seems, is the overall objective for every campaign. Every marketer wants their campaign to be the next “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.” They want to throw something out on social media and have it spread like a wildfire. I mean, who wouldn’t? The power of digital marketing in today’s world cannot be denied.


Unfortunately, making your marketing campaign go viral isn’t as easy as tossing a post onto your Facebook page. Below are our best tips to create a viral marketing campaign.


Be Innovative and Creative

Only completely original content will create the buzz necessary to deem your marketing campaign viral. You need something innovative, something new that will make people want to share with their peers. Take note of previously viral campaigns, but don’t try to copy them. Figure out your own fresh way to send your message to your target audience.


Make the Message Simple and Relatable

Although your campaign must be creative, the message behind it should be simple and relatable. The campaign must make sense to consumers and do so with ease. Consumers should be able to understand the message effortlessly. That said, a relatable message is more prone to resonate and receive that coveted viral status.


Embrace Who You Are as a Brand

Consumers want you to be honest and authentic. People will see right through your campaign if it’s not truly who you are. Sure, Jeep could market their big boxy cars as the next luxury sedan, but no one will believe them. Instead, know what consumers think of you. Good or bad, embrace it in your messaging.


Evoke Emotion

Most popular marketing campaigns have one thing in common; they evoke emotion. Now, emotion doesn’t have to be sentimental. Make the consumer laugh, cry, scream, shout, or say “Whoa, that was bizarre.” Appeal to their emotions, and they’ll share your message with everyone they know.


Don’t Make It All About Your Product or Service

Viral marketing campaigns don’t have to be all about the product. In fact, sometimes it’s best to let the product take a back seat. The goal is to make whatever you’re doing seem as real and relatable as possible. Think about your favorite viral campaign. When you first saw it, did even know what product was being marketed? Probably not. And that’s no coincidence.


Cohesion Throughout all Platforms

Whatever your campaign is, present it through many platforms. You want to make your message available to as many consumers as possible. More importantly, the message should be cohesive throughout all of the platforms you use. You don’t want to create confusion about what you’re trying to convey.


In today’s day and age, going viral is the pinnacle for every marketer’s campaign. It’s easier said than done, but don’t be discouraged. Viral marketing is possible for any brand or company.


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