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Posted by Lisa Smith on Apr 7, 2016 11:15:00 AM



HubSpot is one of the most popular marketing automation software and services around. Being spammed is a nearly universal experience, and an annoying one to boot. HubSpot takes pride in supplying alternative methods to attract visitors to clients’ websites. But it’s not for every business. Below are a few of HubSpot’s pros and cons to ensure that you’re choosing the right marketing automation software.





Tools Offered

HubSpot supplies every tool a marketer could dream of. You can develop different buyer personas, create landing pages, blogs, emails, calls-to-action, etc. What’s more, the content you create can be directed toward any of the multiple personas you’ve developed. They also have an in-depth keyword search tool. You can track and analyze everything you do, all in one central “Hub.”


Integrated and User Friendly

HubSpot is an extremely integrated and easy-to-use software. Other marketing automation software use third party sites to retrieve the full experience and capability of their own site. Everything you need from HubSpot is on their own website, no third parties or confusion involved. If you do have a question, HubSpot customer support is readily available to walk you through your issue. Just make sure you have your Hub ID handy!


HubSpot Talk

This unique feature allows you to make calls within the CRM and automatically have those calls recorded and stored. You can add notes to the call and then save it on the contact’s timeline. This feature is incredibly helpful, allowing you to trace back to when you made the call and what information was covered…saving time and money.






One of the biggest pitfalls for HubSpot is their price. Within their business target (small to mid-size) their price is fairly high. Some of the features HubSpot offers can be found elsewhere for a cheaper price, sometimes even for free. However, the company does offer a free 7-day trial.


No A/B Testing Until Highest Package

As with any software, HubSpot is available in different packages. A/B testing is only unlocked if you’ve purchased the most expensive option. These split tests are one of the quickest and most effective ways to improve performance of online campaigns. Other marketing automation software offer this in lower cost packages.


Keywords Cannot Be Localized

As mentioned in the “Pros” section above, HubSpot offers a keyword search tool. HubSpot pulls data from the Google Keyword Tool, using the exact match global monthly search data. You cannot change that option to reflect local search data, which can be an issue if your target audience is local rather than global.


With HubSpot, you pay a little more for a lot of quality features. More importantly, you’re paying for the luxury of having all your features in one place, as opposed to different aspects of your campaign located in different software. If you’re a small or mid-sized company, HubSpot will act as seamless and effective command center for your marketing campaign.


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