Marketing Best Practices: Create Emotionally Compelling Content

Posted by Lisa Smith on Feb 19, 2016 9:00:00 AM



Marketing best practices are consistently shifting toward personalized content as a way to boost conversion rates. In today’s digital world, we’re exposed to thousands of advertising messages from banner ads to press releases every day. The key to standing out in this endless sea of digital advertising is creating content that appeals to your readers’ emotions.


Emotional content will increase the chances that your readers will remember it after they’ve moved on to their next task.


Emotional content is also relatable, displaying your business’s capacity for empathy. This builds trust that will eventually lead to a long-term relationship with leads. However, emotional content needs to be crafted carefully so it seems genuine, not a trick to get a quick sale.


Using Emotion in Your Marketing

Inbound marketing attracts qualified leads by focusing on designing content that appeals to your customers. The hope is that people who find your content on search engines will become interested in developing a long-term relationship with your brand, allowing you to build a consistent and reliable audience.


A survey by Ideas Market revealed that 70 percent of customers made purchases based on their emotions rather than logic. Readers focused on compelling ads that told interesting stories. A video with hard facts about your product may be informative, but it won’t hold attention. Empathy is the key to letting readers know they can trust your product.


These methods can move you toward relatable content:


  • Address Their Concerns: Emotional content is only effective if it directly relates to the wants and needs of your buyer personas. You want to create content that helps your personas reach their goals or alleviate their fears. Confirming negative emotions without providing a solution won’t help to move your leads down the sales funnel.
  • Spread the Love: Positive, funny, and lighthearted content is ideal for boosting social sharing. If your content puts your readers in a good mood, they’ll want to pass those good feelings along. They’ll do this by sharing your content with others interested in the same topics, giving your business access to a new set of potential leads.
  • Offer a Burst of Excitement: Your content should offer a unique perspective that stands out amongst the advertisements that bombard your leads on a daily basis. Emotional content grabs attention and helps to ensure that your content will stick in your reader’s minds after they move on. Remember, the average attention span is 8-12 seconds, so you want content that draws people in right away. Make them wonder what’s coming next.


Emotional content will only be successful in generating sales if it relates to your product. Think about your content from your persona’s point of view. What problems are they trying to solve and what type of solution are they hoping to find? Sincerely empathize with your readers’ emotions to build trust. If a reader can relate to the emotional tone you’ve set, the bond will endear them to your business.



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