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Our Favorite Things about Content Marketing with HubSpot

Posted by Lisa Smith on Feb 17, 2016 9:48:57 AM



Content marketing with HubSpot is incredibly efficient. Busy marketing firms don’t have the time to hunt down reports from a dozen different websites, and businesses would rather spend their time running their business instead of marketing it. HubSpot has taken both of these viewpoints into account without sacrificing the functionality that gets you the marketing results you need. That’s what makes this a great platform for marketers and clients alike.


There’s a lot to love about HubSpot, but here are some of the things that keep us coming back:


  • All-in-One Setup: Like we said before, we don’t have time to go to a handful of websites to manage all of our marketing projects. With HubSpot you can update your website, create marketing content, manage your contacts list, and run analytics all in one place. It’s so convenient!
  • Ease of Use: All of HubSpot’s content is written in basic language so anyone can use this platform with ease. Projects have clear prompts so it’s easy to follow instructions so you can produce quality content consistently. Modules also provide clear warnings before you publish a project so don’t accidently allow an unfinished project go live.
  • Plenty of Support: HubSpot offers tutorials, blogs, lessons, projects, guides, and everything in between. If you need to know anything about inbound marketing, HubSpot probably has that information somewhere. If that isn’t enough, HubSpot has user groups and meetups you can use to learn tips and tricks from others in the industry.
  • Clear Analytics: HubSpot analytics makes it easy to see what content is driving leads so you can adjust your content marketing to be more efficient. Analytics are displayed in easy-to-read graphs. These can be customized to view specific timelines so it’s easy to pinpoint trends.
  • Solid Keyword Grader: The HubSpot keyword grader helps you identify keywords to boost your SEO efforts based on how many searches they get and how difficult each word is to rank for. The keyword dashboard also lets you see how you rank for different keywords so it’s easy to restructure your content to boost your results.
  • Efficient Lead Management: HubSpot keeps all of the information for your leads in one place so you can compare and segment them with ease. They also provide tools that help you learn to identify and analyze leads more effectively so you can adjust your content to bring in viewers that are more likely to convert.
  • Plenty of Integrations: HubSpot has partnered with big names like Salesforce and EventBrite that you can use to boost the functionality of your website. Not only does that mean more features, but all the information from these integrations can be viewed and manipulated on your HubSpot dashboard, which is very convenient.
  • Intuitive Web Platform: The HubSpot web platform is very user-friendly, which can be helpful for beginners. Clients without much web expertise will be able to make changes and updates to their website without much training. The customer support for the web platform is also some of the best in the business, so it’s easy to get answers if you get stuck.
  • Convenient SEO View: You can constantly check the optimization of your content with the SEO view tool. Get clear answers about what you’re doing right and what could use improvement so you don’t have to waste time A/B testing elements that aren’t going to work.
  • Comprehensive Social Inbox: We’re starting to sound like a broken record, but HubSpot keeps everything you need in one place. With their social media tool you can monitor discussions about your business, publish new posts, connect with new followers, and see what your competitors are up to all in one menu.


The main benefit of working with HubSpot is that you can eliminate the guesswork. With all of your tools and analytics in one place you can see what’s working and what you could be doing to facilitate more growth. As marketers, we’re always looking for tools that make our job easier and it’s pretty easy to say that HubSpot fits that bill nicely.


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